The Hunter’s Den

What is the Hunter in his rusty hide out scouting for?

Wild boars frolic in this forest! They are up at night and in the morning you can see traces from their treasure hunt: soil and greenery tossed around from their search for roots, nuts and other goodies. Unfortunately, the wild boars are too numerous and often leave the forest, destroying roads and the farmers’ fields.

Roe deer also thrive here. They are mostly seen at dawn and dusk. Sometimes, the king of the forest, the elk, is also here.

Many kinds of bats love this forest. 18 of Sweden’s 19 bat species are found in the forests around Hovdala. They are a protected species and keep the hunter company at night when they hunt for insects.

Quiz question:
Guess how many mosquitos a single bat can eat in an hour?

A bat can eat 1000 mosquitos an hour.

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