The Grave

Before Christianity reached Sweden people would bury their dead in simple burial cairns. This cairn is from the Bronze or Iron age (1700 B.C – 1000 A.D). It is not dug out so it is hard to say exactly how old it is and who the people that were laid to rest here were. Maybe farmers, growing wheat and barley on this fertile but rocky soil? Many axes and other tools have been found in the area.

Whomever is resting here, we believe that they would take comfort in the three-stemmed tree stretching towards the sky and light, reminding us of their presence a long, long time ago.

Quiz question:
Sometimes during the Bronze and Iron ages people were buried together with personal items. One particular item is very often found in men’s graves. Can you guess what item it is?

A shaving knife! Better look good in the next life!

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