In the area

Hiking is one of the most popular activities in our area. From us you have direct access to Skåneleden section SL2 that will take you to Hovdala hiking area and castle. You can also ride your MTB to the Hovdala tracks from here. Across the road (1-2 km walking distance) you will find Multilevel Zipline.

Below we have listed some ideas on things to do & good food to eat when you are in our hoods. As we are located in the middle of beautiful Skåne, we think we are pretty much close to everything around here, but we have limited ourselfs to places you can reach within a 30 min drive.

To-do in the area

  • Hike in Hovdala hiking area (9 mins). Start at the hiking centre at Hovdala castle and explore the long and short trails, or hike from here – Skåneleden, the main trail in south Sweden, passes through our village. It is a beautiful 6 kms hike from us to the castle one-way.
  •  Spend the day making bargains at the local thrift stores! There are some truly great stores in the area – we have a printed guide available in the reception. In Hässleholm you will find Pingstkyrkans loppisKupanGunnars loppisFreeflow second hand and Inlämna Centrum and Inlämna Österås. A favourite if you are going southwards is Erikshjälpen in Höör.
  • Visit Hovdala castle & garden (9 mins)
  • Fly through the beautiful forest at Multilevel Zipline (5 mins)
  • Experience Wanås art and sculpture park & enjoy lunch or fika (25 mins)
  • Meet Swedish wild animals – bears, woolfs, lynx as well as farm animals at Skånes djurpark (25 mins)
  • Go for a swim! For example in Bosarpasjön (20 mins). More lakes to try, and current water status, listed here (Swedish only).
  • Go horseriding! Brönne Islandshästar have tours on islandic horses (9 mins) as do Aspås turridning (21 mins).
  • Have a barbecue, or as we say in Sweden, grilla! There are several barbecue areas that are free to use in the area. Our favourite is located close to the architect designed wind shelters Ronja och Birk just above the Finja lake. Parkera by the Trädhusets café (12 mins) or at Hovdala slott and follow the hiking trail “Hovdalaleden”, the northwest-bound section, from there (around 2 kms one way). Another good spot for a barbecue is Göingeåsens lägerplats. Surrounded by beech forrest and with a lovely view of the Finja lake (11 min).
  • Take a guided tour in Tykarpsgrottan, a 20 000 m² underground labyrinth with limestone halls and tunnels.
  • Try some of Sweden’s best mountain bike trails (no guided tours available). Trail map.


  • Fika or have lunch at Café Madrix in Hässleholm, just by the central square (18 mins)
  • Enjoy lovely libanese dishes for lunch or dinner at Café Naomi in Hässleholm (15 mins)
  • Enjoy a Swedish fika at Café Dahlen in the park in central Hässleholm. Vegan options! (15 mins)
  • Fika at cosy Café Old Fashion in central Höör (20 mins)
  • Sourdough buns, freshly made sandwiches & cakes at Konditori & in central Höör (21 mins)
  • The Treehouse offers fine dining up in the treetops with a lovely view over Lake Finjasjön.
  • Daytime on weekends, don’t miss lunch at the Ground! A perfect pit stop when out hiking. Enjoy ”french streetfood” with a view of lthe lake. Located next to the Treehouse.


  • Veggies, eggs, marmalade and other goodies at Naturnära Kärråkra (20 mins)
  • Honey, sourdough bread, homemade granola and other delicacies at Ottarps gård (24 mins)
  • Sjunkaröd sell game and organic meat from local farms (22 min)