Dog friendly hotel in Hässleholm

Are you looking for a dog friendly hotel in the Hässleholm area?

A common question from our guests are if they can bring their dog to our hotel. Yes, our accommodation is dog friendly and you can bring your dog to stay with you in our hotel rooms. All room have their own entrance from outside, and there is a nice forest path in our forest for morning walkies.

Many of our guests visit the area to go hiking and naturally want to bring their dog for their hiking weekend! Our dog friendly hotel is located around 6 km from Hovdala Castle and Hiking centre.

Dogs must be on leash when they stay with us. If your dog longs to run free, there is a fenced dog park by the Finjasjön lake, about 7 minutes drive from here.

There is an additional fee of SEK 150 per pet and stay. Maximum 1 large or 2 small dogs per room.

Mila the black hotel dog
“The forest sure smells lovely,” says our hotel dog Mila