Rallarens nature camping

Rallaren’s nature camping is a tucked-away green spot, surrounded by trees. It suits you who want a private spot for your van (the site is for vans and caravans only, tents not allowed) in nature, but still with the comfort of toilets & a hot shower nearby.

The van site is located in a secluded and quite area, but there is a train track passing 200 metres east of the site that some might find disturbing.

We open April 1st until 31st of October, but there might be closed days. Check by contacting booking@rallarhustruns.se or +46-793-500 353

How to get here

GPS coordinates 56.0768843193531, 13.735369627310474
Address Lunnahöja 6108, 28192 Hässleholm

Note: If you come from road 23 (Höör-Hässleholm), you have to pass a viaduct with max height 3.10 m, in Lunnahöja village. If you have a higher car and come from the north, drive via Brönnestad as below (3 mins extra drive):

Vägbeskrivning till Rallarhustruns vida Brönnestad.

If you come from the south, exit at Sösdala or Sösdala Norra as on the map below (1 min extra drive):

Vägbeskrivning till Rallarhustruns från Sösdala.


Check-in and check-out
Check-in: any time you want
Check out: 1 pm

Please reverse into your slot so that you can easily move your van if needed. There must be at least 3 metres between vans.

Please use the bins and sort your garbage. Located further up the road (50 metres). We have no grey water disposal.

Need help?
Contact hotel reception or call us on +46-(0)739-500 353