Big and small conferences

We offer flexible conference packages with food (local/ecological ambitions) Swedish fika, equipment and activities for big (10-25 persons) and small groups (2+ persons).

Conference request

Conference request

About our conference facilities

Day conference big groups

In our main building we have rooms for around 30 conference guests.

  • Projector, internet, whiteboard, note books and pens.
  • Morning and/or afternoon swedish fika including coffee/tea and water
  • Lunch incl sparkling/still water & coffee/tea
  • We’re happy to pack your Swedish fika in a basket that you can bring on a forest walk (the hiking trail Skåneleden passes just by).

Day conference: 550 sek + taxes/person

Day conference small groups

Suitable for groups between 2 and 8 people.

  • Room with seating for maximum 8 ppl, lounge area, projector, internet, white board, pens & notebooks.
  • Morning- and afternoon Swedish fika incl coffee/tea & water, Rallarhustruns lunch bag that you prepare yourselves (takes 12 mins) in our guest kitchen.
  • We’re happy to pack your Swedish fika in a basket that you can bring with you for hike (the Skåneleden hiking trail passes just by).

Price 450 sek + taxes/person


If you want to combine your conference with an outdoor experience in the tree tops, we recommend our neighbour Multilevel Zipline.

We are also partners with Urban Balance Club that offer guided relaxing tours in the forest, so called forest baths, for groups of a minimum of 10 people. Are you looking for something super easy, the Skåneleden hiking trail passes just by us and we’re happy to pack you Swedish fika in a basket for you to bring along.