About us

The family behind Rallarhustruns

In the autumn of 2020, we sold our house on the coast, squeezed children & cats into the car and drove off to a small cottage in the woods in the middle of Skåne. We were at a point when everything went on routine and everyday life had started to feel like… administration. It actually went so far that Frida started writing imaginary obituaries about herself, and they were… so terribly boring. So, long story short, now we were at the edge of the forest, full of enthusiasm, curiosity (and quite a lot of anxiety), with keys in hand to a very run-down old hostel and course facility.

Since then, we have laughed and cried, painted and reconstructed, sawed and planted. We are finally at a stage where we can see how our vision of Rallarhustrun’s is slowly coming true. A modern inn where people from different parts of the world can take a break, socialize and enjoy the beautiful nature in the area. We are very happy that you chose to come here and be a part of it! Welcome!

Follow our journey from office workers to hotel directors on Instagram: @hjalp_vi_kopte_ett_hotell (translates to Help, we bough a hotel!)


Simply put: we think sustainability is super important. We who run Rallarhustruns grew up when there was a growing hole in the ozon layer above Australia, seals were dying in Öresund and the devastation of the Amazon rain forest was expanding at rapid speed. When we started our project it was natural to try and do it in the most sustainable way we could master. We started by identifying our biggest environmental weak points. We realised that our energy consumption was one of the bigger issues and in 2021 we invested in solar panels. The roof of our new hotel rooms is now covered in panels that provides a large proportion of our electricity consumption. The new rooms also have water borne underfloor heating, an energy efficient way of heating. We have also replaced all hostel and hotel room windows to modern triple glazed windows.

One could say that Rallarhustrun has sustainability built in the walls. All buildings are recycled, ie they have been built for other purposes somewhere else and then moved here over the years. We continue on this path, and with few exceptions our furniture and interior items are from auctions, thrift stores or Marketplace.

When it comes to cleaning products, soaps and shampoo, we use ecological products to a large extent. The same goes for food – we try to find local and/or organic producers, and if when that is not possible, we at least go for made in Sweden.